What is a control system integrator?

Control system integrators use their engineering, technical and business skills to help you automate industrial equipment and systems in a wide variety of applications in such areas as computer systems, automation and controls, quality control inspection, information systems, manufacturing systems and robotics.

What does a control system integrator do?

Control system integrators connect a factory's manufacturing equipment to the automation system's computing and communications devices, then program them to perform the required control and information-gathering tasks.

What industries do control system integrators serve?

CSIA members provide a range of services in dozens of industries, assisting their clients with automating the design, manufacturing and testing of products, such as in food and beverage, oil and gas, automotive, pharmaceutical, chemical, wastewater, aerospace and defense, to name a few.

What kinds of companies hire control system integrators?

Companies hire control system integrators to take advantage of the latest automation technology without the need to invest their own time, especially if they don't have adequate resources or past experience to do the job well. Using our integrators allows industrial clients the benefit of gaining new hardware and software in their operations along with the specialized engineering skills a control system integrator brings to a project.

Why should I consider hiring a control system integrator?

Control system integrators' business is system integration. It is not a side job for them. They are committed to knowing the latest in technology trends and therefore offer the best solutions for your automation challenges. You can choose the level of involvement that suits your needs, from short-term project consultants, project management of your staff, start-to-finish turnkey system responsibilities, or training and support after commissioning.

What are the benefits of using a control system integrator?

Control system integrators can complete a project that some companies may put off because of time or a staff's lack of expertise. Control system integrators offer much more than refined technical skills. They are engineers and skilled technicians who bring a depth of knowledge as problem solvers. They are able to look at control systems from a variety of perspectives based on hundreds of past successes. Control system integrators have the experience to make the right call.

How can I find a control system integrator suitable for my company?

You can find the right control system integrator for your project with CSIA's web-based Industrial Automation Exchange. The Exchange is a searchable, online directory of control system integrators and suppliers from all over the world. Choose the industry, application and service that best describe your needs. Compare integrators and suppliers side-by-side. Connect directly to industry experts.

Why should I choose a CSIA Certified member?

To become members of CSIA, a control system integration firm must demonstrate experience and commitment to the field. Members who earn CSIA Certification have passed an independent audit of 79 criteria covering all aspects of business performance, including general management, financial management, project management, quality management, supporting systems, human resources and more. To maintain their certification, members must be re-audited every three years.