How SIs Can Evolve into Digital SIs for the SAAS Economy by Aiding End User Digital Transformations

When:  Sep 1, 2020 from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM (CT)
Successful digital transformation of manufacturing requires the right alignment of skills and technologies from OT (Operations Technology), IT, manufacturing and process. End users have used the services of OT systems integrators and IT service providers in silos. Technologies used for future digital systems are starting to traverse the IT & OT disciplines. These technologies are being brought together in new digital IIOT and analytics platforms often deployed in the cloud. OT systems integrators have always been closer to manufacturing systems, the data generated from machines and processes and can have a big impact in accelerating value from digital transformation. A new generation of SI's, the digital SI's with new business models will be instrumental to successful digital transformation by the end users.

This panel discussion with a Systems Integration business owner, an end-user in pharmaceutical manufacturing, and a Digital Platform technology supplier will address some of the following questions:

• The gaps and challenges of IT-OT integration in digital transformation
• The role of the OT Systems integrator in digital transformation
• What digital fluency skills Systems Integrators need to build to become trusted advisors to end users for digital transformation
• Digital platform features needed to accelerate adoption and time to value
• Building in-house solutions vis-a-vis using platforms
• Objective criteria and reference standards for selecting the right technology platform
• Building a platform for robust lifecycle management

Panel Chair: Jose Rivera, CEO CSIA
Sarosh Guzder: Life Science Industry Consultant; Former head of Engineering and IT, Shire (Takeda)
Rajiv Anand: CEO,
Paul O'Sullivan: Owner/Principal, Skellig (Control Systems Integrator)
Damien O'Connor: CTO Americas, TQS Integration