How To Integrate Data & Devices in Unexpected Ways Without Custom Code

When:  Oct 20, 2021 from 10:00 to 11:00 (CT)

How To Integrate Data & Devices in Unexpected Ways Without Custom Code Sponsored by Software Toolbox


Integration and digital transformation projects often require connecting devices, systems and data sources that aren’t standard PLCs or hardware from major brands with sometimes complex manipulation or transformation of the data. Sometimes custom code is the solution, but the lifecycle cost and risks are high. People will sometimes say “can’t be done,” and sometimes that’s right, but many times that’s not the case.


During this 45-minute presentation and demonstration you will:

  • Learn through case studies and examples how others have used off-the-shelf software for unique data integrations
  • See a live configuration of off-the-shelf software connecting non-standard devices without code
  • Learn how the concepts discussed can be applied to a nearly infinite number of other challenges


If you’re interested in more robust device and information integration solutions that reduce your risk, this session is for you and other engineers on your team.

 Know someone who would be interested in attending this session? Invite them! This session is open to all.


About the Speakers

Kevin Rutherford is the Technical Product Manager for Communications Products at Software Toolbox and has 15 years of experience helping global clients and partners get connected with systems and devices. Kevin started out in the product support team, so he’s seen a lot!


John Weber
is President & Founder of Software Toolbox and has 31 years of experience with automation software for data and device integration. He too started his career in product support at GE and has brought that technically focused approach along and instills it into the Software Toolbox team, process, and service.


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