How Integrators Can Assess Networks, Prove Network Performance, and Quickly Resolve Network Problems

When:  Aug 5, 2020 from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM (CT)
Learn about common industrial network problems and cabling issues that impede system performance. Pre-test networks prior to commissioning to reduce delays during start-ups, and decrease production downtime. Troubleshoot active networks when there are problems. Have a tool to scope network projects and leave an “as built” report to prove condition at commissioning or service.
• Ethernet copper cable testing – Quickly determine cable integrity and identify fault location for repair
• Qualify cable data rate – Perform a bit error rate test (BERT) to determine if interference or poor cable quality will cause network outages
• Detect IP devices and report duplicate addresses
• Test network latency
• Report Ethernet Switch configuration
• Detect PoE standard and test under load
• Test Fiber Optic links – determine quickly if fiber links have issues (dirty/damaged fiber connectors, SFP problems)
• Locate Fiber Optic cable breaks using OTDR technology
• Using VNC to assist end customers remotely

Presenters: Jim Ralston & Tom Jallo – Softing Inc.