Benchmarking for Better SI Company Decision Making ‎

When:  Dec 8, 2021 from 10:00 to 11:00 (CT)

How do you know if you are running a solid SI company? While everything always has room for improvement, how do you establish realistic goals? During the current pandemic many SI companies had to make many decisions. Did you benefit from learning what other SIs were doing?

During this moderated panel presentation, you will learn the benefits of regular (periodic) benchmarking.


  • What and when do you use benchmarking data?
  • What are your sources for benchmarking data?
  • How can data sharing / participating in relevant group benchmarking programs improve the data quality but also help you extract more value and gain better leverage from the data?
  • Is it true that no data is ever perfect?
  • What is the role of timely benchmarking through turbulent times?

If you are business owner – or someone who is interested in data-driven business decisions – this presentation if for you.

Know someone who would benefit from the information in this session? Invite them to sign up – this presentation is open to members and non-members.

Bryan Powrozek, Senior Manager, Industrial Automation,       
Clayton & McKervey


Titus Crabb, Owner and President of 
Vertech Industrial Systems and CSIA Benchmarking Committee Chair  

Howard Huffman, President of Huffman Engineering, Inc. and
Former CSIA Board Member                                                                 

Michael O'Shaughnessey, CEO, iLumen