Mr. Roberto Bennice

Chief Sales & Marketing Officer,

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Via Vittorio Veneto, 125/I
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Chief Sales & Marketing Officer,


My career has been enriched over the years by a number of experiences in various sectors and roles, initially working in direct contact with a company in the start-up phase, I always maintained a great passion for industrial automation.

In this way I had a great opportunity to structure and develop an interesting, productive and motivated software development team, as well as manage the entire lifecycle of several projects for oil & gas sector.
Both experiences have allowed me to participate first-hand in the definition of the software architecture of the automation control systems, and oversee the constant search for improvements and technical solutions proving both economical and productively interesting.

During this period, I took advantage of all the job opportunities that brought me into direct contact with different cultures, thus having the opportunity to visit many countries in the world, learn new approaches, meet new people, and experience new cultures. These opportunities have definitely opened my mind, allowing me to accomplish strategic tasks and manage more complex relationships.

The desire to grow, to learn, and to be continuously stimulated, even beyond my field, has led me to pursue training courses in business management, internationalization, project management, lead production, and time management.

Recently, thanks to my previous experience, training and to grow professionally, I agreed to switch to the commercial division of the company at which I work.

And I also launched a start-up in social sector. This last experience has allowed me to further develop a result-oriented and hardworking approach, but this time with a purely entrepreneurial attitude.

Overall, I consider myself helpful, reliable, and quality-oriented regarding the services and products that I can offer. I am also professional, consistent and highly proactive.

Job History

SEID S.r.l.
Chief Sales & Marketing Officer
January 2009 - present