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CSIA Webinar Digital Marketing for System Integrators: Series Overview

Digital marketing has transcended traditional marketing and it's here to stay. CSIA is beginning a webinar series focused on digital marketing that will help you drive qualified traffic and warm leads to your website. Expect to learn about strategies for success and cold hard tactics. This...

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Bringing Intelligence to Manufacturing with Industrial IoT

Many manufacturers are eager to tap the power of big data in order to increase competitiveness, improve the bottom line, and anticipate trends. They are exploring Industrial IoT, which facilitates communications between all types of field devices and enables manufacturers to act upon decisions...

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Best Practices Network Design Deployment

Learn the vital importance of the underlying network infrastructure for industrial automation and how best to design and implement it. Learn what are the many considerations and necessary elements of its design, both logical and physical. Then, from real world experience, learn what are the...

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How to Accelerate Project Deployment - How to Build a More Agile (& Profitable) SI Business Pt 3

Go Farther , Go Faster – How to Accelerate Project Deployment. Create a faster path to revenue, using well-defined, re-usable solutions that can be configured quickly for each client’s unique environment. Parsec is new to the CSIA community. They will be hosting a web series on common...

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Connectivity on the Plant Floor

As Ethernet drives to the plant floor, industrially rated cables and connectors are required to withstand the rigors of environments found in the vicinity of industrial equipment. In this session, we will review best practices for installation of harsh environment cabling and connectors....

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Automation System Visualization and Analytics

Ethernet networks are becoming a critical link between Manufacturing and Automation Systems and Business Systems, as well as the standard communication link between Automation devices. With the growth and standardization of Ethernet on the plant floor comes the need to scale the awareness of...

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The Connected Cabinet

The manufacturing plant floor is undergoing dramatic changes that require businesses to adopt new strategies to fully utilize industrial Ethernet through things such as advanced motor controls and control architectures to improve efficiencies, increase productivity and drive out costs. The...

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Data Drives Decision; how to extract value from the IIoT and the Cloud

IIoT is a brave new world — with Ubidots, building reliable business efficiency solutions that customers can capitalize on is easy. Use Ubidots to get your data driving solutions assembled, saving you precious development time and your client's valuable resources. Ubidots' CEO, Agustin Pelaez...

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CSIA Latinoamerica - Acutalidad de la Asociación - Webinar en Español – 4 de Octubre, 2017

"During this webinar the CEO of the CSIA give a summary (in Spanish) of the most recent activities of the CSIA globally, and giving a special focus to the market and the Latin American community. We will wait for you." #CSIA 2017 #CSIAWebinar #LATAM #Alert #benchmarking