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Top 5 Current IT/OT Applications for Edge Computing - A CSIA Partner Webinar (Stratus) 

08-29-2019 15:59

Automation practices continue to evolve as project requirements and business expectations increase year-over-year. In parallel, the rise of edge computing capabilities coupled with traditional industrial control system architectures provides increasing levels of flexibility. During this webcast, Stratus will present the top 5 current IT/OT applications for edge computing touching on examples from regional data centers, control rooms, plant floors and remote locations.

Join this webinar to learn:

  • How modern engineers are reducing risk (while increasing simplicity) with edge computing
  • How to identify the right applications and environments for edge computing
  • Top 5 practical and straight forward edge computing applications from the field
  • What to look for during the design, install and maintenance stages when considering edge computing

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