Steps to Certification


Steps to Certification

1. Join CSIA

Only integrator members are eligible for CSIA Certification. If you aren't a member of CSIA, become one today! Once your company becomes a member, you will receive additional information, including access to a library of documents that will help your company learn and incorporate the best practices for managing a system integration firm and prepare for the certification audit.

2. Prepare for the audit

Learn about criteria and check out the resources in the Best Practices and Certification - Members Only Library to prepare for your audit.

Consider connecting with a CSIA member mentor as part of your journey toward Certification. Mentors are an ideal brain trust, reality check and confidant for system integrators.

3. Schedule the audit

When you are ready to schedule an audit for certification (or renewal) the first step is to complete the Certification Application which can be downloaded from the Best Practices and Certification – Members Only Submit the completed application to CSIA and we will guide you through the next steps. We recommend starting this process several months prior to the planned audit date to allow enough time to complete paperwork and finalize arrangements with the auditor.

How to Begin the CSIA Certification Process

Contact CSIA Staff, Certification Program Manager.

Ready to schedule an audit?