Streamline and Secure IT-OT Integration for Accelerated Digital Transformation

When:  Jul 10, 2024 from 10:00 to 11:00 (CT)

Do you aim to fast-track your industrial digital transformation while ensuring robust, ‎secure, and efficient connectivity between your IT and OT systems? If so, this webinar is ‎for you.‎

In today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape, the convergence of Information ‎technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) is crucial for businesses aiming to ‎enhance efficiency, cyber security, and competitiveness. ‎

During this 45-minute presentation, you’ll explore how seamless and secure IT-OT ‎integration can act as a catalyst for your digital transformation including: ‎

  • Understanding what IT-OT integration involves and its critical role in the ‎industrial landscape.‎
  • Learning about the key industrial cybersecurity challenges in IT-OT integration ‎and how to mitigate them.‎
  • Exploring SIOTH, an IT-OT integration platform and its role in accelerating ‎digital transformation initiatives.‎
  • Obtaining practical advice and strategies for implementing SIOTH in your ‎organization.‎

If you are interested in discovering the strategies, tools, and best practices that ensure ‎robust and efficient integration, then this presentation is for you.‎

There will be a Q&A session, so bring your questions!‎

Know someone who might benefit from this session? Invite them! This virtual event is ‎open to everyone.‎

About the Speaker

Samy Achour is the president and founder of Integration Objects. He has over 30 years of ‎experience working process automation, advanced controls, enterprise integration, and ‎AI in the process industry. His ardent creativity led to the development of KnowledgeNet ‎‎(KNet), which was acquired by Emerson in 2019, and his latest powerhouse of a product, ‎SIOTH - Smart IoT Highway.‎

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