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CSIA Best Practices, Revisions & Relevance

Here's what's new with the Best Practices and Benchmarks Manual v. 5.0


CSIA Best Practices - The Industry Standard

Introducing Version 5.0!

The CSIA Best Practices and Benchmarks manual is the industry standard for successful management of a control system integration business. On an ongoing basis, the manual is tested by a committee of CSIA members, auditors and clients as part of a continuous review and improvement process.

With version 5.0, the CSIA Best Practices and Benchmarks manual has been updated to reflect new material, including a new chapter on cyber security. The entire manual was reviewed for organization, clarity and compliance with a more global relevance.

Look for version 5.0 to be released in mid-April.

The industry standard for system integrators that are committed to delivering the highest level of quality, performance and reliability, the manual offers guidance on the following management topics. To get you started we have provided a direct link to resources for each chapter. Click on the headers to access. 

General Management
Strategic Management, Organizational Structure, Facilities and Equipment, Computer Systems Management, Corporate Risk Management

Human Resources Management
Administration, Recruitment and Selection, Performance Management, Training and Development, Compensation and Benefits, Employee Communication

Marketing, Business Development and Sales Management
Marketing Plan, Sales Strategy

Financial Management
Measures of Performance, Financial Planning, Billing Procedures, Tax Policy

Project Management
Contract Management, Procurement Management, Planning, Risk Management, Resource Management, Communications Management, Scope Management, Schedule Management, Budget Management, Change Management, Quality Management, Closure
System Development Lifecycle
Internal Kickoff, Requirements, Design, Development, Unit/Module and Integration Testing, Factory Acceptance Testing, System Shipping, Installation, Commissioning and Site Acceptance Testing

Supporting Activities

Process Development and Maintenance, Standards and Templates, Project Methodologies, Procurement Management, Risk Management, Configuration Management, Reuse Management

Quality Management 
Continuous Measurable Improvement, Client Satisfaction Measurement, Client Service, Project Quality Assurance

Service and Support
Strategic Management, Organizational Structure, Methodology and Service Management

Information Systems Management and Cyber Security
Information Systems Management, Facilities and Equipment, Cyber Security

What Purpose Do the CSIA Best Practices Serve?

  • They are unique to the SI industry, so are concise and to-the-point.
  • They are comprehensive, covering nearly all aspects of running a CSI business.
  • They serve as a guide, identifying what practices companies should be incorporating and allowing them to decide how to implement each.
  • No “reinventing the wheel." Business owners and managers don’t have to search for all the right things to do in managing an SI company. The BP manual lays it all out.
  • Most SI companies are started and run by people who excel at technical know-how, but who may not necessarily be business savvy. The CSIA Best Practices help fill that gap.
  • They minimize trial-and-error learning.
  • They are a basis for most processes and procedures in an SI company, so the time to develop these is reduced. Processes and procedures lead to increased efficiency and profits.

Mark of Excellence

Certification puts the Best Practices into action.

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