CSIA Talent Retention Toolbox:
Track your compensation practices

It’s no secret that attracting, retaining and developing talent is something that keeps many SIs up at night. To help members address this challenge, the Statistics Committee, iLumen and staff have developed a new compensation survey.

As of January 2020, the Salary Survey has evolved into a comprehensive annual talent compensation survey, called Talent Retention Toolbox (TRT). In addition to the traditional, salary-specific questions, TRT will include other ones around additional benefits (e.g., company matched 401k, medical, dental, etc.) to help provide you with a more holistic compensation picture.

Here’s how it works: The survey - still managed by iLumen - was open January 1, 2020, and accepted data until February 14, 2020. Only CSIA members who input data and pay the program fee will have access to the final report, which will be available March 16. 

This is a key departure from the approach we used for Salary Survey, where we didn’t establish a data-entry period. It is very important that SI owners support this transition and we encourage you to reach out to the team at your company (HR) to ensure data was entered by February 14, 2020.

New participants that join the program after February 15 can get a copy of the report that was issued mid-March if they have paid the program fee and input their data

Our goal is to significantly increase participation in this important program to ensure statistical significance and ideally allow us to provide results by geographical U.S. regions without compromising data confidentiality.

The annual price will be $350 and is available only to CSIA members. To participate, hit the subscribe button below. (That will generate an email to let us know you are interested. From there, we can process payment and then send you a link to enter your data.)

Salary is one of the biggest expenses for most CSIA members. Why not access the best information for your decisions by contributing your own data into the pool?

Note: For the rollout of this program, we will restrict participation in the TRT only to SI with U.S. operations. We need to do this as different countries have different legislation and nomenclature for employment benefit programs. We may review extending to other countries in the future.

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