Pat Miller shares the history and beginnings of CSIA

Explaining the diverse nature of the system integration industry


How It All Began

When computers first arrived on the factory floor and in control houses, people who understood both industrial processes and information technology were needed to design, engineer and implement electronic control systems. The Control System Integrators Association was established by a group of independent control system integrators brought together by Charlie Bergman. Bergman published a newsletter for promoting and supporting the independent control system integrator.

In 1993, Bergman hosted a meeting for about 25 subscribers. The following year, the Control System Integrators Association was established as an affiliate of the National Electrical Manufacturers Association at a meeting held in Wrightsville Beach, N.C.
From the outset, the common thread throughout CSIA's activities has been to "raise the bar."

  • Improve the business skills of our members
  • Help integration firms of all sizes, engineering specialties, product experience and industry knowledge share their collective business wisdom to help control their individual destinies
  • Provide a forum for members to discuss common business issues
  • Enhance the professionalism of independent control and information system integrators
  • Communicate the resulting benefits to the broad business community


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Charlie Bergman

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