The benefits of joining a CSIA member peer group

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New to CSIA? On your way to CSIA Certification?
Team up with a CSIA Mentor

The CSIA Mentor program consists of company founders, senior managers and other seasoned business executives who enjoy talking with their peers about business concerns. This group is an ideal brain trust, reality check and confidant for system integrators.

Who can benefit from connecting with a CSIA Mentor?

  • Anyone wanting to start a new business
  • Firms thinking about or already on the road towards CSIA Certification
  • New members wanting to get the most from their membership
  • Members who like to engage in high-end conversations about the future of the industry and its challenges
To locate a mentor, select the "Mentor" search box in the membership directory.

Once you've identified a mentor, send an e-mail introduction and schedule a phone call to confirm the arrangement.

CSIA does not provide mentor match-making. We recommend that members adequately research the mentors available before "bearing all." Likewise, mentors will need time to get comfortable with their mentees. This is not a hurried process, but can be expedited when conversing in person. A face-to-face meeting at the annual Executive Conference is encouraged.