How to Renew


CSIA has migrated to a new association management system (AMS) and membership renewals have updated to a short application process. Follow these screen shots to process and pay for your renewal.  

Please note: If you have not set up your account in the new membership portal - follow these instructions first.


1. Log into your membership portal account by navigating to‎  



2.  Click on "Membership" and select "Renew My Membership."

If you see the message “There are no application processes available to you at this ‎time,” after navigating to this screen, either: ‎

a) You are not the designated Primary, Billing and/or Marketing Contact, the‎ only roles ‎with permissions to complete the renewal application and process ‎organizational payments. If you are not sure who is currently designated for ‎these roles in your organization, contact staff by email or phone (1-847-686-‎‎2245) and they can assist. ‎


b) You are (or are one of) the Primary, Billing and/or Marketing Contacts and the renewal ‎application has already been completed. Check My Profile --> Invoice History to ‎review the status of your membership balance payment history. ‎



3. You will first be prompted through a short review of your organization’s saved information. ‎Please take a moment to ensure all required information is accurate and up to date.  Click ‎‎“Save Changes” to proceed to the next screen. ‎


 4. You will then confirm your membership type from the drop down menu. ‎



‎5. Customize your membership by selecting Add Ons and/or Marketing Upgrades tailored to ‎your membership type:‎

    • Integrators will have the option to select the Talent Retention Toolbox and/or Pulse if ‎they would like to participate in either or both of the surveys.  ‎
    • All members will be able to confirm or select their Exchange upgrade or package ‎choice. ‎

Select Next to proceed to the payment screen. ‎

Integrator Member Example: 

Partner Member Example: 

‎6.  To pay now and complete your dues renewal, choose “Add a credit or debit card” or ‎choose from a saved card on file. When entering a new card, please ensure the correct billing ‎address is selected. If it does not appear in the drop down, choose the option “Use another ‎address.” Upon processing, you will be able to access a copy of this invoice and receipt in ‎your Invoice History. ‎


To pay later and complete the dues payment via ACH/Wire, credit card, or check, choose the ‎option to “Bill [Organization Name]” to generate a pro-forma invoice to your account. After ‎completing the membership order, you may download a copy of your receipt by selecting "My ‎Profile" --> "Invoice History." Or, you may complete the payment by credit card at any time by ‎accessing "My Profile" --> "Make a Payment." Please contact staff if you need wire payment ‎information.‎




Need help? Email or call at 847-686-2245.‎