CSIA Pulse and EZ Stats

CSIA Pulse: Benchmark your business performance

Our financial benchmarking program, CSIA Pulse, is designed to give members ready-access to relevant member-wide metrics to help business owners and management set realistic targets for their efforts to improve company operations. Submit financial data directly from your accounting system and receive analytic dashboards, financial reports and industry trends.

As a member of CSIA, you will be automatically enrolled in the CSIA Pulse and can start uploading your data right away. You may opt to receive the aggregate data for an annual fee.
We recognize that our members have a gold mine of data that can benefit CSIA and the industry as a whole. We'll be leveraging this data to tell our story and elevate our profession in the eyes of end-users. The larger the representation, the better the data! This program is administered by CSIA and the data are managed by iLumen in a secure and confidential repository.

Some measures captured for the comparison are: utilization based on hours, revenue per billable employee, days cash on-hand, labor multiplier and days in backlog.
Sample downloads: Sample Workbook, Sample Pulse Report.
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Introducing EZ Stats

The CSIA Statistics Committee recently launched EZ Stats, a FREE new “quick” stats program to form a snapshot of the entire control system industry.  We want to quickly and easily know two things: Is the industry growing? Are there storm clouds or sunny weather ahead?

Here’s how it works: Once a month, all CSIA member companies will receive a reminder email asking them just two questions: 1) Total revenue from the system integration division of their company; 2) Future three-month outlook (two choices: upbeat or downbeat).  That is it.  

It’s important that all CSIA member companies participate in EZ Stats. The trends observed over time will be a valuable tool for CSIA and the control system industry.
Like the CSIA Pulse, EZ Stats will be managed by iLumen, an IT company specializing in data collection and reporting. iLumen will collect and process all the data and share the results at controlsys.org. 

Note that EZ Stats does not replace the CSIA Pulse, which is intended to help members improve and compare their company metrics.

Click the link below to register for EZ Stats. If you are already a Pulse or Salary Survey Participant, simply log into your account and you will see the EZ Stats survey.

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