CSIA: For Control System Integrators and Our Partners

Integrator Member
Control system integrators are independent companies, or independent divisions of larger entities, that use industrial automation equipment and software from multiple automation manufacturers in the implementation of their projects. They focus on plant automation requiring application knowledge and technical for sales, design, implementation, installation, commissioning and support.

For control system integrators to become members of CSIA they must meet the following criteria:
  • The applicant is engaged in control system integration primarily for design, and commissioning.
  • Applicant must provide integration services primarily with its own personnel.
  • may be asked to provide financial data to the CSIA CEO and be interviewed by phone by CSIA members to verify that the applicant meets membership eligibility requirements.
  • Applicant agrees to comply with CSIA bylaws, rules and regulations.
Integrator members have association voting rights and are strongly encouraged to achieve CSIA Certified status within three years of membership.

Partner Member
Partner members are essential to the success of CSIA and its integrator members. To be a member of CSIA, Partners must meet the following criteria:
  • A for-profit business entity that primarily manufactures and/or markets industrial automation products, control hardware or control software to multiple independent system integrators.
  • A business that provides products or services to control system integrators.


Annual Dues for 2024

(applies to both Integrator and Partner membership categories)

Company Revenue*         Dues Rate
< $7.5 million $1,600        $800***
$7.5 - $25 million  $2,275     $1,138***
$25 - $50 million  $3,700     $1,850***
$50 - $250 million $5,800     $2,900***
> $250 million $7,000     $3,500***
Reduced Rate ** $800           $400***

*Integrators: Include total revenues for all system integration activity at all locations.

*Partners: Include corporate revenues. If the membership is for a division of a corporation, then only include division revenue.

** Companies with less than $2 million in revenue and whose main office is located in one of the countries listed on the membership application as low-income, lower-middle income or upper-middle income qualify for the reduced rate.

*** The dues rates are prorated for the rest of 2024.