Emerging Leaders SIG

Are you an emerging leader? Then this group is for you!

The Emerging Leaders Special Interest Group helps develop aspiring individuals for future leadership positions within their companies and within CSIA. The group engages with the next generation of CSIA member executives and helps them leverage their affiliation for personal development and for the development of their association.

Why join?

Growing new leaders is a consistent challenge for many SI companies. Many companies are faced with leadership transitions in the near future, making it crucial to have a pool of qualified leaders to enable a smooth succession plan.

The CSIA Executive Conference is mostly geared toward people who are already at the top of their organization or department. This group will build a bridge with the new wave of talent that is entering the SI industry by developing a network of future leaders.

Emerging leaders face different challenges than those already established at the top. Emerging leaders may not have much experience with common leadership challenges like setting a vision, managing direct reports, holding people accountable and implementing change. They also face unique problems related to career progression and stepping into new leadership roles.

Get Involved

If you are interested in getting involved, you can:

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If you have questions, contact John Sullivan, DMC, at John.Sullivan@dmcinfo.com.

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