Peer Groups

CSIA Peer Groups: What are they?

The purpose of peer groups is to provide a deeper experience for CSIA members. Typically comprised of 7 – 10 companies, members can share best practices, learn from one another, and develop long lasting relationships.
Peer groups inside of CSIA have existed for many years and the companies that have participated have garnered significant benefit from the more intimate relationship these smaller groups can provide.
CSIA has developed a set of Peer Group Guidelines to help facilitate new peer groups by providing examples based on the structures and approaches that current peer groups have used. It provide options for organization, but does not dictate how a peer group will operate, as each group is free to choose a structure that best fits its needs.


Existing Peer Groups 

PGA Peer Group

Member Companies        Members 
ITG Technologies Aldo Ferrante
PJ Kortens BIll Kortens
MR Systems Jim Bercik
Trutegra Joe Tucker
Quantum Engineering Tom Reski
ECS Solutions Tim Methany
Process and Data Automation Joe Snyder

Automation Alliance Group

Member Companies        Members 
Revere Controls Bob Adams
Frakes Engineering Cliff Campbell
Enterprise Engineering Scott Pickford
Stone Technologies Don Ulrich
Autopro - Canada Michael Lane
JNE Engineering - Canada John Ng
Autoware - Italy Luigi De Bernardini
Omnicon - Columbia Eduardo Acosta
Sage - Australia Adrian Fahey
Insist Avtomatika Vladimir Morenko

ACFMS Peer Group

Member Companies        Members 
Actemium Noel Enneking
Concentric Integration Michael Klein
Factory Technologies Jason Kieffer
MG Newell Max Webber
Southlake Automation Terry Miller

Executive Roundtable

Member Companies        Members 
Facilitator Don Roberts
Matrix Technologies Dave Bishop
Grantek Dave Patterson
ESCO Group Mike Miller
Patti Engineering Sam Hoff
Interstates Controls Jack Woelber
DMC Frank Riordan
I2R Jerry Smith
Avid Solutions PC Romano
Hallam-ICS Keith Flaherty

Joe Martin's Group

Member Companies        Members 
Martin Controls Joe Martin
Loman Controls Bob Lowe
Viewpoint Systems Jim Campbell
A&E Engineering Wright Sullivan
Apex Manufacturing Solutions Marya Woods
Banks Integration Greg Banks
Industrial Automation Consulting Chuck Wambeke


Already part of a Peer Group not listed here? Please contact CSIA staff so we can add your group here..