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The CSIA Financial Checkup

The CSIA Financial Checkup program is designed exclusively for CSIA members to provide valuable financial and accounting services at member pricing with a firm experienced in the business of system integration: Clayton & McKervey.

Through the CSIA Financial Checkup program – available only to CSIA members -- Clayton & McKervey offers support in four key areas:

  • Tax Planning
  • Performance Metrics
  • Cash Management
  • Accounting Systems

Starting at just $950, Clayton & McKervey has a variety of packages to meet your unique needs, including your budget, business goals and level of readiness. 


Coverage tailor-made for those pivotal control system integrators.

Legal Services

Access to quality legal advice from lawyers who understand your industry.

CSIA Pulse
Designed to give you ready-access to relevant business metrics.

Talent Retention Toolbox
Track your company's compensation practices with the toolbox.