CSIA has migrated to a new association management system (AMS) and the renewal process has changed.  Follow these screen shots to process and pay for your renewal.  Please note if you have not set up your account in the new portal - follow these instructions first.

The Billing and/or Primary Contact can go through the renewal process and make payments.  Not sure who the primary and/or billing contact is for your organization?  Please contact staff at  or call at 847-686-2245 and they can assist.

1.  Log into your portal account by navigating to

2.  Click on Membership and select Renew My Membership

3.  Be sure your membership rate is correct.  You can check here.  If your revenue needs to be updated, contact staff at  or call at 847-686-2245 and staff will update the tier and dues rate accordingly.

4.  Select the Talent Retention Toolbox and/or Pulse if you would like to participate in either or both of the surveys.

5.  Confirm or select your Exchange upgrade or package.

6.  Enter your credit card information for payment or select "Bill" to produce an invoice in order to pay by check or wire.  Please contact staff if you need wire payment information.

Need help? Contact staff at Or call at 847-686-2245.

Starting renewal process

Selecting your survey participation and Exchange upgrade and/or package