CSIA members to vote on changes to bylaws

By Lynda Patterson posted 04-03-2017 12:55


The CSIA Board and staff have been working with a non-profit trade association attorney in Pennsylvania to clean up the CSIA Bylaws, since CSIA is incorporated in the State of PA. These changes will be presented to the membership for a vote at the annual business meeting on Tuesday, May 4 from 11:00am – 12:00pm. To keep things simple, two sets of changes will be presented:

Vote 1: Housekeeping Changes and Organizational Change

o   The majority of these changes were made back in 2015 with the hiring of a CEO and approved by the membership at the 2015 Executive Conference in Washington D.C. However, since there was not a 30-day notice given for the changes, these changes need to be formally approved. These changes are summarized and redlined here and will also be available in the conference mobile app.

Vote 2: Partner Vote and Voting Procedures

o   This version assumes housekeeping changes from Vote 1 pass

o   In July 2013, the CSIA Board of Directors made a change to the Bylaws that allowed Partner Members to have voting rights. According to Pennsylvania law, a Board does not have the right to make changes to membership categories without bringing the changes to the membership for a vote. This version reverts back to Partner Members not having voting rights. Additionally, voting procedures have been updated to allow for proxy voting. These changes are summarized and redlined here and will also be available in the conference mobile app.

Primary contacts (or proxies) will receive a ballot in their badge at registration for the 2017 Executive Conference. If you are the primary contact of your company and will not be in attendance of the business meeting but wish to cast a vote, be sure to indicate a proxy to headquarters no later than April 24, 2017.

Please contact ewiseman@controlsys.org with any questions or to designate a proxy.