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How to Promote your Video and/or Podcast Interview

By Tony Veroeven posted 04-04-2018 17:13

Thanks for taking the time to be interviewed. Now you should promote your interview!

Here are some ways to promote your episode. Even if you've already promoted it, you can and should promote more than once, even a year from now! In other words, your episode can provide a lot of mileage. Send this plan to your marketing person to assist you.
  • Post on your Exchange Profile via "updates"
  • Embed on your website’s Partners/Media page
    • Visit the “</>” button to access the embed code from your episode or YouTube Video.
  • Listen, summarize and write a blog article about your interview
  • Post on your company LinkedIn and personal LinkedIn
  • Write a press release
  • Encourage business development and marketing staff to share on social media
  • Encourage your staff to subscribe to our podcast. This helps to amplify the visibility of the podcast including your interview.
  • This is a good item for business development staff to follow up on with prospective clients They are not “touching base,” they are adding value to each follow-up email/interaction.
    • “Prospect, did you hear the recent episode of the CSIA podcast? Thought you might want to hear our VP, Tom Smith. Enjoy.”
 Here are the promotional activities I do each episode:
  • Post to Open Forum
  • E-blast to all members
  • Post to CSIA LinkedIn Company page
  • My LinkedIn Profile
    • Tagged Interviewee and your LinkedIn Page.
  • Post to CSIA LinkedIn Group
Thanks for helping us help you promote yourself and your company. Good luck.