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9 days ago

This webinar will go in depth on the value of the controls engineering community adopting technologies such as AI/IIoT/ML and integrating them for their customer base to solve problems that traditional automation/I&C solutions can no longer provide. The CSIA community serves as THE KEY ROLE in seeing Industry 4.0 live out its full potential to unlock new business revenue value streams along with the overwhelming operational and economic impact it can have on customers.

9 days ago

The Gallup organization reports close to 71% of all employees feel unsupported, detached, or disengaged from their current employer. The impact costs US businesses more than $450 billion in lost productivity each year. Studies show that engaged employees have: -50% fewer accidents - 41% fewer quality defects - 30% fewer healthcare costs.
So, what about your customers leaving? Research shows that 68% of customers stop doing business with a company because they feel ignored, unappreciated or taken for granted. If your employeers aren't engaged, your customers won't be either.
What if there was a better way - the didn't require tons of effort, time or money? Good news! By participating in this program, you will discover: why the focus should be on employees who are doing things well instead of the toxic workers who are sucking the life out of your company; How to build your company's reputation as a great place to work so your hard-won, recently hired employees don't take their skills to your competition; Why ignoring toxic employees doesn't solve the problem and how you can address the hidden killer of productivity and profits; How to get off the hamster wheel of continuous hiring cycle and focus on creating an irresistable workplace culture; How to tackle the generational divide and get your Boomers and Millennials to play nice with each other.
If you want to keep your top talent and best customers from becoming someone else's, it's time to master a few simple strategies now and reap the rewards for years to come.

9 days ago

There are no guarantees that what is quoted will a) win you the work, or b) cover the amount of effort required to deliver the work. There are however strategies and processes that will assist in finding the right work to quote and lowering the risk of the quote not covering the delivery costs. This webinar covers some of the practical concepts and processes that will help to minimize both effort and issues. For those of you that are working towards CSIA Best Practices and Benchmark accreditation, or just looking for a general evaluation of your current systems please register for this event. Presented by Barry Anderson, who has over 25 years experience in Estimation systems with Industrial Electrical and Controls Systems (13 of those years specifically with major System Integrators).

9 days ago

Your company provides world-class services to your customers; but, how do you distinguish yourself from your competitors? During this session, we will discuss the importance of Focus. What does it mean? How do you get it? We’ll make specific recommendations for improving your strategic planning and your accountability to turn your vision into business reality.

9 days ago

Gain insights from a recently released research study conducted by TREW Marketing and IEEE GlobalSpec on the content, online search and buying preferences of engineering, technical and industrial professionals. During this webinar, TREW Marketing CEO Wendy Covey will present the top research findings and share advice to inform your 2019 marketing plan.

7 months ago

The manufacturing plant floor is undergoing dramatic changes that require businesses to adopt new strategies to fully utilize industrial Ethernet through things such as advanced motor controls and control architectures to improve efficiencies, increase productivity and drive out costs. The increasing number of Ethernet nodes on the plant floor and the need to measure productivity in real-time are frequent challenges. Greater use of Ethernet-connected advanced controllers, computers and high-speed motion control and power electronics require new design strategies beyond traditional panel selection and layout to ensure the automation systems deliver improved network performance and accommodate an increasing use of industrial Ethernet managed switches and networked devices. This session demonstrates how an Ethernet-enabled connected panel allows the business to measure productivity in real-time, improve efficiencies, increase productivity and drive out costs.


9 months ago

At the most popular session at the CSIA Executive Conference, "Lessons from Touching a Hot Stove", integrators have learned how their peers’ businesses have been burned by accidents, injuries and losses. This is especially true when the threat of a lawsuit, or an actual lawsuit itself, arises – what could have been done to avoid this dispute in the first place? 

Hear from the CSIA Legal Plan attorneys, Mark Voigtmann and Brian Clifford, about some of the “hot stove” experiences they have seen and how you can best mitigate your risk using legal services in "Lessons from Touching a Hot Stove: Legal Edition."


10 months ago

Tax reform is well underway but are you aware of the potential tax savings for the systems integrators industry? Join Shareholders Sarah Russell of Clayton & McKervey and Adam Herman of Mueller Prost as they get you energized and excited about growing your bottom line. 

You'll learn about what opportunities lie ahead to inform your business planning. Sarah specializes in international tax and R&E tax credits for Clayton & McKervey and Adam leads innovation and growth for Mueller Prost. They have a longstanding collaboration helping clients maximize their cash flow.


11 months ago

In this webinar, Paul Parkinson, the Director of Product Development for Contec Americas Inc., highlighted some major technology challenges that connected factories face.  You will learn “This is the first true redesign of the PC since inception” and you don’t want to miss this exclusive sneak peek!

  • Service and support challenges with a secure cloud-connected network
  • Electrical breakpoint security and how this concept can improve the security and accessibility of the network for service/support
  • Introducing a revised PC architecture to improve security and serviceability
  • Benefits of hardware breakpoint and hardware segmentation security enabled by the Contec C5  architecture
Visit this page to view the recording: http://landing.contecamericas.com/service-support-challenges-in-a-connected-factory

11 months ago

IIoT is a brave new world — with Ubidots, building reliable business efficiency solutions that customers can capitalize on is easy. Use Ubidots to get your data driving solutions assembled, saving you precious development time and your client's valuable resources.

Ubidots' CEO, Agustin Pelaez presents: Data Drives Decisions; how to extract value from the IIoT and the Cloud partner organization CSIA.

This explanatory webinar discusses the growing opportunities of the Industrial IoT and the Cloud and the value that comes from data-driven applications.

Plus a brief hands-on demo using a Siemens IoT 2040 gateway with Ubidots to show the immediate value-add of IoT cloud services.