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13 days ago

Do you aim to fast-track your industrial digital transformation while ensuring robust, ‎secure, and efficient connectivity between your IT and OT systems? If so, this webinar is ‎for you.‎

In today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape, the convergence of Information ‎technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) is crucial for businesses aiming to ‎enhance efficiency, cyber security, and competitiveness. ‎

During this 45-minute presentation, you’ll explore how seamless and secure IT-OT ‎integration can act as a catalyst for your digital transformation including: ‎

  • Understanding what IT-OT integration involves and its critical role in the ‎industrial landscape.‎
  • Learning about the key industrial cybersecurity challenges in IT-OT integration ‎and how to mitigate them.‎
  • Exploring SIOTH, an IT-OT integration platform and its role in accelerating ‎digital transformation initiatives.‎
  • Obtaining practical advice and strategies for implementing SIOTH in your ‎organization.‎

If you are interested in discovering the strategies, tools, and best practices that ensure ‎robust and efficient integration, then this presentation is for you.‎

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27 days ago

Proper Specification of Measurement Sensors to Provide More Value to End-Users and ‎Simplify Integration

Selecting the right measurement sensor for integration can be difficult, due to the seemingly endless options available in the market: How do you ensure that the component you specified is right for the application? 

If you are interested in learning about an easy methodology for selecting and specifying measurement components so you can provide value to end-users through production efficiency -- while limiting your liability and simplifying the integration process -- then is presentation is for you.

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one month ago

Wondering why sustainability-minded decision-making is accelerating with customers ‎globally? Manufacturing is at the core of driving demonstrable improvements. In this ‎Masterclass, you’ll learn about: ‎
  • How environmental, social and governance (ESG) regulatory timelines are affecting ‎customers
  • The intersection between sustainability and profitability
  • Why systems integrators are a key enabler of clients’ sustainability strategies  ‎
Join GE Vernova to learn about its Proficy for Sustainability Insights – manufacturing and ‎industrial software purpose built to operationalize your industrial sustainability goals to ‎help reduce costs, mitigate risk and improve resilience.‎
Struggling to demonstrate measurable progress toward your industrial sustainability goals ‎while navigating operations and business demands? This presentation is for you.‎
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2 months ago

Digital transformation is being driven by technological advancements and evolving cybersecurity risks. For integrators, these drivers create both new opportunities and more complex demands.

In this session, you will explore new technologies designed to help you:

·       Build agnostic, scalable infrastructure to overcome project creep, avoid vendor lock-in, and take advantage of new technologies.

·       Reduce overhead in solution deployment and lifetime management through zero touch provisioning and secure, remote device management.

·       Meet today’s evolving cybersecurity needs by adopting industry best practices.

If you want to gain a comprehensive understanding of the tools that are available to help overcome the challenges presented by a rapidly transforming technological landscape, then this presentation is for you.

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3 months ago

Navigating the stringent safety regulations governing classified areas presents a challenge when considering migration strategies for legacy automation equipment. Should you opt for like-for-like replacements, or can you harness new technologies to address broader operational challenges? 

Drawing on R Stahl's expertise in designing products and solutions tailored for classified areas, this session aims to provide valuable insights to facilitate the smooth execution of your next migration project. 

If you are interested in delving into this dilemma and exploring potential solutions, then this session is for you! 

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4 months ago

In the past, there was one way to connect PLCs to plant databases and enterprise servers to leverage cloud and business systems for metrics monitoring, analytics, high-speed sorting, and recipe downloads.


That connectivity was a custom-coded and IT solution including a PC, custom software coding, and protocol translation.


The problem: Custom connectivity is fragile, it’s a support hassle, and the software coding and interruptions never end since you are always learning as you go.


The solution: Rockwell has partnered with Softing to provide a built-for-purpose, Logix in-chassis, industrial OT/IT connectivity solution.


Now, there’s a growing shift away from the custom IT, custom integrated, PC & coding solution when it comes to connecting industrial PLCs to IT business systems. The solution now is a no-code, no-PC, and no OPC protocol translation solution using a Logix in-chassis module called tManager to connect the Rockwell PLCs to SQL databases, which is the connectivity enabler for these IIoT solutions.


Attend this session and in just 45 minutes you’ll learn how to:

  • Connect Rockwell PLCs to SQL databases without writing code, without a PC in the middle, and without OPC protocol translation so you can easily deliver track and trace, high speed sorting, and other solution applications
  • Quote and scope projects more accurately
  • Deliver scalable projects
  • Deliver projects that are easier to support
  • Preserve your customers’ product secrets

If you work with Rockwell PLCs and deliver track and trace, high-speed sorting, quality monitoring, metrics monitoring, analytics, dashboards, or recipe download solutions, then this presentation is for you.



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4 months ago

With a $4.2 trillion annual cost of downtime in global manufacturing — representing 11% of ‎revenue — and finding talent being 1.4x harder than it was in 2018, manufacturers need to ‎ensure they’re prepared for unexpected downtime and labor shortages by preventing these ‎disasters entirely.‎
The question is, how?
Find out in just 45 minutes, when you attend this presentation where you’ll discover how to ‎achieve the following with the Copia Industrial DevOps Platform:‎
  1. ‎Mitigate disaster with the ability to revert to an original code state if a device goes down ‎by having an all-encompassing view of code running multiple devices ‎
  2. ‎Decrease time to onboarding with having a one-stop mutli-vendor file view, eliminating ‎the need to understand individual vendor files and programming languages
  3. ‎Save time on manual code reviews, allowing for more innovation and iteration of code ‎and reducing risk for code error with easy code reviews

If you are interested in learning how effectively managing your operational technology and ‎automation strategy can make or break growing your manufacturing business, then this session ‎is for you. ‎
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5 months ago

System integrators continue to face the challenge of doing more with less – supporting complex operations while meeting production schedules with limited resources while innovating to increase efficiency, maximize safety, and reduce risk.

In this session, you will hear about 5 edge computing opportunities for you to generate revenue and maximize profitability in 2024, including: 

  • Shifting from tech refresh projects to value-add engineering engagements
  • Modernization projects that maximize reliability and lay a future proof foundation for software solutions
  • Emerging applications that comprise a modern OT/IT stack
  • How Edge Computing architectures simplify project management for profitability
  • Ways Edge Computing enables long tail revenue by offering post deployment services

If you are interested in learning how edge computing offers key opportunities for you to add value to your customers by offering a wide range of software, service models, and future proof control architectures, then this session is for you.

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10 months ago

Are you interested in changing the way you look at engineering to fabrication? Are you open to improving your design-to-manufacturing process? Would you like to hear how you can reduce waste – both time and materials – to control and minimize costs?  Then the new Design to Manufacturing Software solution from nVent/HOFFMAN might be just what you are looking for. 

During this 45-minute presentation and demo, you’ll see and hear first-hand how this solution enables designers and manufacturers to plan and design electrical enclosures, machines and factory systems to automate panel building through intelligent 2D/3D workflow, enabling a digital twin.

Plus, you’ll hear how it can:

  • Simplify design to minimize manual drafting and improve quality.
  • Capture and deploy knowledge to standardize design and drive efficiency.
  • Connect engineering to manufacturing to improve quality, efficiency and precision.
  • Solve the shortage of engineers and skilled labor.
  • And, perhaps most importantly, accelerate profitable growth.

If you are a principal, engineering manager, design engineer, shop manager or are just interested in learning how to change the way you look at engineering to fabrication, then this session is for you.


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one year ago

Discover how to update your system to be next generation ready with universal automation. 

UniversalAutomation.Org is an independent, non-for-profit association managing the implementation of an industrial automation shared source runtime execution engine, based on the IEC 61499 standard. This new level of shared technology provides the basis for an ecosystem of portable, interoperable, “plug and produce” solutions and creates an entirely new category within industrial automation.

During this panel discussion, you’ll learn about:

·       Greater Innovation through the faster integration of IT and OT technologies and systems, development of new business models, easier connectivity, and more flexible/modular production systems to meet rapidly changing market requirements.

·       Hardware-independent software applications, that can be distributed to and interoperate across multi-vendor platforms.

·       Extending the lifespan of existing industrial tools, devices and systems, and easier upgrading of systems reaching their end of life.

·       Simplified training and skills (with teams only needing to learn one common system), making automation industry OT entry more accessible to IT professionals and the new generation of automation professionals.

·       Increased reliability and reduced time to market using proven in use Plug & Produce software components available on AppStore-like platforms.

If you are interested in taking advantage of the benefits of universal automation and how you can implement in your organization, then this presentation is for you.

UniversalAutomation.Org is open to new members looking to advance the world of automation. Become part of a game changing movement!

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