‎3 Ways Manufacturing Businesses Can Mitigate Disaster

When:  Feb 28, 2024 from 10:00 to 11:00 (CT)

With a $4.2 trillion annual cost of downtime in global manufacturing — representing 11% of ‎revenue — and finding talent being 1.4x harder than it was in 2018, manufacturers need to ‎ensure they’re prepared for unexpected downtime and labor shortages by preventing these ‎disasters entirely.‎

The question is, how?‎

Find out in just 45 minutes, when you attend this presentation where you’ll discover how to ‎achieve the following with the Copia Industrial DevOps Platform:‎

  1. ‎Mitigate disaster with the ability to revert to an original code state if a device goes ‎down by having an all-encompassing view of code running multiple devices ‎
  2. Decrease time to onboarding with having a one-stop mutli-vendor file view, ‎eliminating the need to understand individual vendor files and programming ‎languages
  3. Save time on manual code reviews, allowing for more innovation and iteration of code ‎and reducing risk for code error with easy code reviews

If you are interested in learning how effectively managing your operational technology and ‎automation strategy can make or break growing your manufacturing business, then this ‎session is for you. ‎

There will be ample time for Q&A, so bring your questions!‎

Know someone who would be interested in attending this session? Invite them! This session ‎is open to all.‎


About the Speakers

Nicholas Buchele is the Technical Solutions Engineering Team Lead with Copia Automation based in Minneapolis. Nick has been involved in the manufacturing and automation industry for several years, first starting in engineering at Itron and then going on to work at KAMP, where he worked on projects with companies such as Medtronic, 3M, Tesla (Perbix), Phillips-Medisize, Emerson, Banner Engineering, and more. During this time, Nick became one of Copia Automation’s first paying customers and found Copia invaluable due to its ability to easily view code changes, collaborate with other engineers, and track project progress. He believes that if users are willing to embrace the new paradigms Copia brings, they can find a whole new approach to Controls Engineering.

Patrick Zhu is an Account Executive with Copia Automation based in the San Francisco Bay Area. He has worked with customers in the industrial automation and manufacturing segments, providing both hardware and software solutions alike. Patrick comes from a technical background and genuinely enjoys exploring the more technical aspects of finding and developing solutions. In his free time, Patrick enjoys both the comfort of sitting at home binge watching C-list horror movies and getting outside to explore the city and parks.









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