Best Practices Workshop

Starts:  May 15, 2023 08:00 (CT)
Ends:  May 16, 2023 16:30 (CT)

Want to learn more about applying best practices to your business? Get CSIA Certified but not sure where to start?  Compare your practices to an industry standard? Or, more importantly, are you just interested in improving your own business practices for the growth and stability of your company? If so, come to the 2023 CSIA Best Practices Workshop!

During this workshop, we will:

  • Discuss how to attack the best practices to maximize the benefit to your business. How to approach the process itself? What are the keys to success.
  • For each section, what are the most important items, where is there common confusion, and what tends to be problematic or get over-complicated.
  • We'll provide practical examples and templates to help you get started or compare what you've already done.

Our two-day interactive workshop focuses on those areas that are the most challenging for integration companies as they grow. We share essential information related to each area of the integrator business so you can move forward with the implementation of the related practices.

Rather than pounding through endless slides, our workshop will focus on small group activities to maximize this unique opportunity for peer-to-peer communication. In addition, the workshop will provide information from an auditor's perspective ensuring you'll return to the office with concrete steps to prepare your company for the future.

You will also have on-line access to training forum, which includes preparation materials such as the Best Practices and Benchmarks Manual (version 5.0 and version 6.0). With this “head start” on the material, you can arrive at the workshop ready to collaborate with your peers … and keep the dialog going after the workshop.

If you are the owner or senior manager of an SI business who wants to improve your business systems and processes -- then this course is for you.

This workshop will be in-person and held in conjunction with the CSIA Executive Conference.

About the Presenters

Exotek is a management consulting firm focused specifically on the systems integration industry. Our consultants have an extensive background in management and leadership roles and as owners in building systems integration businesses. We understand the challenges and requirements of leadership in this business first hand. Over the past 20+ years, we have also worked with the owners and senior management of hundreds of other systems integration companies globally ranging from small independent firms to those that are part of large multi-national corporations helping them to navigate similar challenges associated with leadership positions. This ongoing industry involvement fuels our passion for helping system integrators through improved planning, process, and people development.


Exotek was the first CSIA Auditing firm. We have performed more than 400 audits for more than 150 companies worldwide. Our clients consistently provide feedback that they value the consultative nature of our audits. Our approach is that the audit is not just about checking boxes, but rather an opportunity to provide you with insights and information about where your practices excel and where you can make improvements.

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