Connect Rockwell PLCs to SQL Databases with a Logix In-chassis Module

When:  Mar 13, 2024 from 10:00 to 11:00 (CT)

In the past, there was one way to connect PLCs to plant databases and enterprise servers
to leverage cloud and business systems for metrics monitoring, analytics, high-speed sorting, ‎and recipe downloads.  ‎

That connectivity was a custom-coded and IT solution including a PC, custom software ‎coding, and protocol translation.‎

The problem: Custom connectivity is fragile, it’s a support hassle, and the software coding ‎and interruptions never end since you are always learning as you go.‎

The solution: Rockwell has partnered with Softing to provide a built-for-purpose, Logix in-‎chassis, industrial OT/IT connectivity solution. ‎

Now, there’s a growing shift away from the custom IT, custom integrated, PC & coding ‎solution when it comes to connecting industrial PLCs to IT business systems. The solution ‎now is a no-code, no-PC, and no OPC protocol translation solution using a Logix in-chassis ‎module called tManager to connect the Rockwell PLCs to SQL databases, which is the ‎connectivity enabler for these IIoT solutions.‎
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Attend this session and in just 45 minutes you’ll learn how to:‎

  • Connect Rockwell PLCs to SQL databases without writing code, without a PC in the ‎middle, and without OPC protocol translation so you can easily deliver track and ‎trace, high speed sorting, and other solution applications
  • Quote and scope projects more accurately
  • Deliver scalable projects
  • Deliver projects that are easier to support
  • Preserve your customers’ product secrets

If you work with Rockwell PLCs and deliver track and trace, high-speed sorting, quality ‎monitoring, metrics monitoring, analytics, dashboards, or recipe download solutions, then ‎this presentation is for you.‎
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There will be ample time for Q&A, so bring your questions!‎

Know someone who would be interested in attending this session? Invite them! This session ‎is open to all.‎


About the Speaker

Quinton Lowry has a background in electronic hardware design and testing.  His current role is with Softing ‎as a Business Development Engineer for its industrial automation products.  He focuses on Softing’s ‎Rockwell in-chassis solutions.  ‎




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