Salary Survey

CSIA Salary Survey:
Track your compensation practices

Our annual salary survey is an online tool that allows you to compare your company's compensation practices to those of other members.

The CSIA salary survey is perfectly designed to help CSIA members design the best compensation package for your employees. The survey is built around job role descriptions specifically chosen from our industry. The survey includes roles that you won’t find in a general purpose survey, such as Control Engineer, Branch Manager, Sales Person and Service Technician.
This program is administered by CSIA and the data are managed by iLumen in a secure and confidential repository. Your data are entered into the iLumen database in January on an annual basis. Entry typically takes less than 20 minutes.

Salary is one of the biggest expenses for most CSIA members. Why not access the best information for your decisions by contributing your own data into the pool?

CSIA Pulse

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Legal Services

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