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Introducing the CSIA Estimation Course for System Integrators
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"The content covered many facets of estimating and was simple and easy to understand" … "The website is well-designed, laid out and very easy to navigate." – Jaris Tilstra, Lead Estimator, Interstates, Sioux Falls, South Dakota
“The course moved well and covers the subject matter well … I liked the example project to give it some real-life perspective." – Eric Schaeffer, Principal, Stone Technologies Inc., Chesterfield, Missouri
"Congratulations for putting together a really comprehensive estimation course. The content is really easy to follow" … " The videos with slides are clear and voice over is really engaging." – Gorka Zozaya, Senior Systems Engineer, Combined Technologies, Hamilton, New Zealand
"It is a definitely a good course for engineers pricing control systems." – Martin Siefert, Manager, Projects, Combined Technologies, Hamilton, New Zealand

To be competitive in today’s economic environment, you need someone on the team who understands the art, science and discipline of estimating projects and developing proposals.

Introducing the CSIA Estimation Course: In less than 12 hours, you can earn a certificate in estimating essentials with the online, self-paced CSIA Estimation Course.

Designed exclusively for system integrators by Latsa Training and Consulting, this course is not merely theoretical, it also includes practical, hands-on experience for every stage of the process.

As the prime contractor, you will move through the 15 instructional modules – from the basics of estimation through to developing a multimillion-dollar proposal.

Using a realistic scenario for a soda manufacturing company based across multiple locations in the United States,  the example explores both bottling line upgrades and complete greenfield plant installations.

You will also walk away from the course with templates to develop your own tools to use in your company processes for future estimates and proposals.

The multi-media modules provide in-depth knowledge in include:

  • Estimation Foundations
  • Pre-Tender Evaluation
  • Tender Analysis
  • Risk Opportunity Evaluation
  • Go/No-Go Analysis
  • Tender Construction Basics/Fundamentals
  • Estimation Tools (usage, types, advantages, and disadvantages)
  • Tender Review
  • Request for Tender (RFT) (including documentation)
  • Requests for Information
  • Subcontractor RFT and Evaluation
  • Estimation Construction
  • Proposal Construction and Review
  • Close-out and Continuous Improvement

CSIA members are eligible for this course at the rate of $590 USD.

Nonmembers rate of $690 USD.


CSIA Estimation Course for System Integrators FAQs

Who should take this course?

  • Sales personnel
  • Estimators (both aspiring and experienced)
  • Engineers
  • Project managers
  • Financial officers
  • Managers
  • Anyone who has any input to the successful acquisition of business

Do I have to have previous experience to qualify for this course?
No, you do not need any formal qualifications, but knowledge and experience working for a  system integrator that delivers electrical and control systems is helpful.

How can I persuade my boss that investing in this course is worth it?
A small investment in training can avert major losses. This course is designed to increase win/loss ratio, while decreasing the costs associated with winning business. Included in the course are handy templates to help develop your own tools to use in your company processes.
How is the course delivered?
The CSIA Estimation Course is 100% online and self-paced, which means you can customize the timeline to fit into your schedule. Plan to set aside about 8 to 12 hours to complete.

Will I get a badge or certificate when I complete the course?

Yes! After you have successfully completely the course, you will get a certificate acknowledging your accomplishment.

Will I have access to the instructor?
Yes! In fact, one of the key benefits of taking this course is that you will have privileged email access to one of the best estimators in the business: Barry Anderson, a director of LATSA Training and Consulting, a member partner of CSIA. You will also have optional access to Barry for direct consulting into your business.

Who developed the content? Who is the instructor?
Barry_Anderson.pngAn experienced estimator and estimation team manager, Barry Anderson, developed the course content based on more than 30 years of experience, including as national estimation manager for the largest systems integrator in Australia.
In addition to estimation and bid management, Barry’s three decades of professional experience includes installation, supervision, design (electrical and controls), and project and contract management.

Currently, he is an independent process, design and management consultant specializing in estimation systems, industrial control, project management, contract management and concept development.

Barry is also an active member of the Institute of Instrumentation, Control and Automation (IICA) and the Association of Proposal Management Professionals (APMP).

What are the course requirements for successful completion?
To receive a passing grade, you will be required to work through each module, including

  • Carefully listening to and taking notes during the instructional videos
  • Successfully answering simple and complex multiple-choice questions before moving onto the next module
  • Downloading, thoroughly reviewing and understanding all tender documentation including P&ID drawings, plant layouts and tender documentation
What is the exam mode and format?
The exam’s simple, multiple choice format features 64 questions in total. It is U.S.-hosted, 100% self-serve and can be completed anywhere at any time. A passing score is 100%, but you can review and retake the exam multiple times.

Has the course been tested?
The estimation course was thoroughly vetted by a panel of experienced international system integrators and instructional designers.

How much does it cost?
Introductory Rate
(Valid Until September 18, 2020)
Regular Rate
(After September 18, 2020)
CSIA Members $490 USD $590 USD
Nonmembers $590 USD $690 USD

Please note that the course will not be available until you have received a confirmation email -- this may take anywhere up to an hour.

I am a CSIA member, how do I unlock the CSIA member rate?
Unlock your savings here.

I paid for the course, but it says that it is not available?

The course will not be available until you have received a confirmation email. Please note that this may take anywhere up to an hour.

I have some questions about this course. Who should I contact?
Get in touch via email at