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2021 Sponsorship & Advertising Opportunities

Check out the opportunities that the Exchange offers by downloading the Media Kit below

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Estimation Course

The multi-media modules provide in-depth knowledge in include: Estimation Foundations Pre-Tender Evaluation Tender Analysis Risk Opportunity Evaluation Go/No-Go Analysis Tender Construction Basics/Fundamentals Estimation Tools (usage, types, advantages, and disadvantages) Tender Review Request for Tender (RFT) (including documentation) Requests for Information Subcontractor RFT and Evaluation Estimation Construction Proposal Construction and Review Close-out and Continuous Improvement CSIA members are eligible for this course at the rate of $590 USD

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Marketing Toolbox

Setting up a Company Newsletter Mastering Content Marketing Conducting a Client Service Survey Drafting a Marketing Plan Writing and Distributing News Releases Working with the Media Using Social Media Platforms

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Media Information

CSIA and the Media We Love Working with the Media!...We have strong relationships with both horizontal and vertical media outlets, and are excited to assist you in finding a place to be published

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Features of this policy include: Third Party Bodily Injury and Property Damage Breach of Contract Fidelity of Employees Payment of withheld fees System Damage and Business Interruption Employee Benefits Liability Products and completed operations Cyber and Privacy Liability Hired and Non-owned Automobile Damage to Hired or Leased vehicles Pollution Liability Multi Media Liability Tenants Legal Liability True Global Defense, wherever legal action is instigated against you General Liability - Limit per location of $6,000,000 New!