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Configuration management defined…finally. Part 1: What’s it about? 

06-21-2017 16:30

Tuesday, February 10, 2015
Henk-Jan Scholman, Engineering Manager, Hollander Techniek, The Netherlands
CSIA certification auditors have said that configuration management (CM) confuses many of our members. CM has also been a topic of discussion at the CSIA Executive Conference. In response, CSIA has recruited a team of integrator members to clear the fog around CM. In this first of three webinars, we’ll explain what CM is and how it weaves through the fabric of your company. In Part 2 we’ll discuss the implementation of manual CM systems. Part 3 will cover automatic implementation using commercial software. But don’t be fooled. All methodologies require policies and discipline. Conversely, don’t be nervous. CM can be done, and must be done to have a sustainable company.

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