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How to Securely Integrate IoT Protocols, OPC, Historians, Databases & Remote Data with ‎DataHub 

02-25-2022 11:54

System integrators know that there’s always many details involved in integrating systems beyond just getting the PLCs and controllers connected. There is always “that system” or “that requirement” from users that has your team scratching their heads on how to accomplish the goal in a sustainable, cost-effective, supportable way. If you attended the previous CSIA MasterClass with Software Toolbox you discovered a wide range of ways to connect devices and systems with Software Toolbox’s products mainly focused on hardware devices for the hands-on part of the class.


In this class, you’ll learn how DataHub is used to integrate IoT protocols such as MQTT Sparkplug/B, Cloud Systems, Historians, OPC Classic, OPC UA, databases and remote data without exposing your client’s network. As a modular off-the-shelf, extensible software application, DataHub is cost-effective at solving challenges and avoids the risks of custom applications.


During this 45-minute presentation and demonstration you will:


  • Learn from use cases how others have used DataHub to integrate these type of systems
  • Experience a live configuration of DataHub integrating a variety of data sources
  • See how using DataHub reduces risk, speeds integration and enhances your solution offerings


John Weber
Win Worrall
Company: Software Toolbox

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